Is Lewis Hamilton the best driver Formula One has ever seen?

Lewis Hamilton is on a roll; the popular Briton has won three World Championships in the past four years and in true dominant fashion, he has hardly left space for any other driver to give him serious competition.

Hamilton has won four World Championships in his 10 year long Formula One career, making his success rate a staggering 40%. Hamilton has won at least one race in every single season since his debut at Albert Park in 2007 and he is also the driver with the most pole positions in Formula One history, with the Mercedes driver starting first on the grid for a jaw-dropping 72 times in 10 years! In 2017, Hamilton tied the record for most grand-slams in a season, taking three of them en route to his Fourth World Title.

Hamilton is a 4-Time World Champion and has won 62 races so far

Lewis has earned a reputation of being ‘the master of the new-gen Formula One cars’, with him being the driver to have won the most races since the introduction of the 15000 rpm V6 Hybrids back in 2014. The boy from Stevenage has won 62 Formula One races till the time of writing and he also won the GP2 Championship in 2006, prompting Ron Dennis to get him on board at McLaren for the following year.

So, the stats definitely show that Hamilton is one of the all-time greats of the sport, but does his driving style and behavior on track show the same?

The answer? You guessed it, it’s a yes!

Hamilton has a very aggressive driving style and he does not shy away from wheel-to-wheel battles. He is very vocal and embraces his rivals, looking at battles as a way to improve himself as a driver. Lewis makes mistakes but being a perfectionist, he corrects them as early as he possibly can. Hamilton is very dominating and he has the ability to do incredible things when everyone expects him to be down and out.

Silencing his critics is something Lewis specializes in and as a result, he has a humongous fan following, probably the biggest on the Formula One grid. He has a lot of personal accolades and is often looked upon by others, being called a complete and a versatile driver. Hamilton has not put a foot wrong in terms of career decisions, always being at the right place at the right time.

He is arguably the most iconic driver to have raced in Formula One and there is no doubt about his brilliance.

Hamilton shares a lot of similarities with the iconic footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

┬áIf you had to compare Lewis Hamilton to a footballer, his equivalent would be the goal scoring machine Cristiano Ronaldo, and if Real Madrid’s Portuguese superstar can be called one of the best footballers to have graced the pitch, there is no way that Lewis Hamilton cannot be called a true racing great.

Stats correct to November 13 2017

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