Methods To Improve Formula One (Part 2)

Formula One has slowly deteriorated in terms of the quality of racing and viewership over the last decade and today I will present a couple of methods which will surely enhance Formula One in terms of racing and will also make the sport more of a fan’s sport.

Manual Gearboxes

Back in 1989, Ferrari introduced the now-mandatory semi automatic transmission in Formula One. A semi automatic transmission is clutchless, unlike the manual transmission. This makes changing gears easier for drivers and the only thing that is to be perfected is the timing.

Ferrari Introduced Semi Automatic Transmission In Formula One

To make the sport more tougher, manual transmissions are the best option. Drivers will have to do the gear shifts on their own with more physicality which increases the chances of error and unreliability. This will make Formula One much more exciting for the viewers and also more unpredictable.

This change will not decrease the safety of Formula One. The ask of the fans is more excitement and better racing and not a more dangerous job for the drivers. Safety is the utmost importance and changing the transmission of the gears will not do anything to make the driver’s workplace more dangerous.

Since manual transmissions require more powerful and robust engines, we could see the return of the much loved V8 engines, if not the V10s.

Modern Formula One Cars Use Semi Automatic Transmission With Paddle Shifters

Formula One Festival

I believe that Formula One should be made more of a festival rather than just a race.

Today, the only attraction of Formula One is the cars racing through the track. Instead, more opportunities for the fan to be involved should be made over the 3 days.In my opinion, Formula One should learn from the Le Mans 24 Hour Race and Formula E in one way : entertaining fans.

There are several activities planned for the fans over the Le Mans Race Week including Concerts, On-road Driver Parades, more Public Interaction and also Scrutineering which takes place in front of the audience. In this way, Le Mans attracts way more fans than Formula One does without using it’s historical significance.

Le Mans Attracts More Than 750,000 Fans Over The Weekend

Formula E on the other hand lets the fans directly get involved with the sport with the Fanboost concept. The fans vote for their favourite driver through the Formula E app and the 3 drivers with the highest amount of votes will get extra electronic power which they can use over the course of the race. This, I feel, is one of the best if not the best way to involve fans in the sport.

Formula E’s Fan Boost Makes Sure That Fans Stay Involved In The Sport

If the new owners of Formula One can find a similar solution, Formula One will grow a lot in terms of popularity which is what the new owners want to achieve.

I personally feel that these ideas should be implemented in order to improve Formula One in all aspects.

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