My Top 10 Kimi Raikkonen Quotes

Kimi Raikkonen is by far the coolest driver on the grid. The Iceman is known for his driving, no nonsense attitude and hilarious quotes. Today, I’ll share my 10 favourite Kimi Raikkonen quotes of all time.

*Prepare To Be Amazed*

“I was having a s****”

Driving his last race for McLaren, Raikkonen was asked by Martin Brundle that did he regret missing the presentation by Brazilian football legend, Pele. His answer? Well, you’ll be shocked to hear it to say the least!

“No, I don’t want to”

Kimi generally doesn’t speak much and this was a clear example of it. No one but the 2007 World Champion can openly decline to answer a question and still make it funny.

Interviewer: “What is your feeling before the race?”
Kimi: “It’s alright.”

So straightforward yet so explanatory.

It’s Alright

“It protects my head”

When asked about his thoughts on a crash helmet, Kimi simply said, “It protects my head.” You know, he’s amazing at stating the obvious.

Did you know that this thing protects Kimi Raikkonen’s head?

Interviewer: “How does it feels to drive at 300 km/h?”
Kimi: “It feels normal.”

Did someone say that Kimi was born to race? You’re absolutely right sir!

I’m sure this doesn’t feel normal

Interviewer: ”What makes TAG Heuer special?”
Kimi: “It’s OK.”

The Finn is great at sponsor integration.

Interviewer: “The most exciting moment during the race weekend?”
Kimi: “I think so it’s the race start, always.”
Interviewer: “The most boring?”
Kimi: “Now.”

Thug Life Kimi. He’s got no chill.

“come on! Get them out of the way!”

Just like his very honest (pun intented) teammate Sebastian Vettel, it is visible that Kimi does not like backmarkers interrupting his race.

“just leave me alone i know what i’m doing.”

This is the most well known Kimi Raikkonen quote ever. At Abu Dhabi in 2012, when his race engineer was providing him details about who was following him, the Iceman came up with this classic line, much to the delight of pretty much everybody watching the race.

And Finally…


When fans noticed that Kimi makes a wierd noise before he speaks, they made it one of the most famous things in motorsport today. It’s very addictive, and it’s stuck to many F1 fans’ tongues, including mine.

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