Presenting The New Prancing Horse, The SF70H

Iconic Manufacturer Ferrari has launched it’s new car, the SF70H which will compete in the 2017 Formula One Season in a brief online video which was shot at their private test track, Fiorano.

Ferrari’s Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene, Technical Director Mattia Binnoto, Drivers Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel and Antonio Gioviniazzi (Test Driver) were all present at the launch.

The car is iconically and traditionally red with small areas of white including the engine cover. The SF70H features more red than last season which, along with the raw design makes the car look very aggressive; just the way a Ferrari should look. Also, the Italian tricolour stripes flow across the engine cover paying homage to the country which Ferrari belongs to.

Now, to the technical part of the car. The SF70H firstly has a Thumb-Tip Nosecone which the Scuderia used last season as well. Maybe, the engineers were satisfied with the results it was producing so they decided to carry on with it. Secondly, the car features a Shark Fin Engine Cover with a T-Wing attached to it for greater aerodynamic effect. The T-Wing was tested by Mercedes on Thursday and will surely help a lot with the airflow of the car.

The Italian team have also used very interesting sidepods which seem to have a great aerodynamical significance. This season, larger bargeboards are becoming a common sight and the 16 time World Champions haven’t held back, using a far-reaching bargeboard.

Ferrari certainly looks to have explored aerodynamics to it’s full potential and a great amount of curiosity is already dwelling up considering the performance of the latest addition to the Ferrari factory.

The Shark Fin also features a T-Wing which will help a lot in the airflow of the car

Ferrari have surely produced a race winning machine and the only thing that separates them from success is their Power Unit. The Power Unit can make or break any team’s season and if the Scuderia’s new 2017 Engine is strong enough, we could very well see Ferrari become the Constructors’ World Champions for the 17th time.

All in all I will rate this car a 9 out of 10 thanks to their super cool livery and interesting raw car design. I wish Scuderia Ferrari the best for the forthcoming Formula One Season and hopefully, the Tifosi will have something to cheer about this season!

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