Sauber Launches Revolutionary C36

Sauber has finally launched their competitor for the 2017 Formula One season. The car is called the C36 and will be driven by Pascal Wehrlien and Marcus Ericsson. The C36 is blue and white with streaks of golden to commemorate their 25th anniversary of competing in Formula One. The design is much loved by the fans, although it looks very similar to the Ligier of 1996 which won the Monaco GP with Olivier Panis at the wheel.

From the technical point of view, the car features a Shark Fin in front of the rear wing. The last time that the shark fin was used in Formula One was in 2008. The Shark Fin’s streamline shape will reduce drag and increase the car’s downforce. For the front wing, Sauber will use a thumb design front wing, similar to what Williams has been using since 2014. 

Peter Sauber’s team have gone for a simpler and less aerodynamic design as compared to Williams and maybe that would be the key for Sauber. The Swiss team will use 2016 Ferrari power units as they believe that it is ‘tried, tested and reliable as well.’ 

Sauber’s 25th anniversary special livery has gained popularity amongst fans
Sauber are the first team to the Shark Fin since 2008
The difference between this season’s Sauber and the Ligier of 1996 is uncanny
The Swiss team will use a thumb front wing design
The C36 will be driven by Pascal Wehrlien and Marcus Ericsson
The C36 looks stunning from all angles

Overall, I would rate this car an 8 on a scale of 10 and hope that finally Sauber will be competing for the World Title.

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