The Covers Have Been Taken Off The Force India VJM10!

Sahara Force India have taken the covers off their latest project, the VJM10, which will compete in the 2017 Formula One Season. The car was launched in an event at Silverstone. A rare appearance was made by Force India’s Managing Director, Dr. Vijay Mallaya along with the team’s drivers and Technical Heads.

At the event, Dr. Mallaya responded to the recent comments made by Renault’s Cyril Abiteboul who said that low budget teams will struggle in the arms race this season. Dr. Mallaya said, “He might have to eat his words. It’s not the amount of arms you have, it’s the quality of your weaponry.” This looks like the start of what is bound to be a battle for the right to be called the top midfield team.

Dr. Vijay Mallaya at the event on Wednesday

Returning to the car, the VJM10 features the traditional Force India livery with a little more silver than their previous two cars. The car also attributes many more sponsors than last season which indicates the improvement in finances for the privately funded team.

Technically, the car features a Thumb-Tip Nosecone, identical to that used by Caterham in 2014. Also, Force India have introduced an extended Shark Fin Engine Cover similar to that used in Sportscar Prototypes like LMP1. Although these designs can be easily altered over the course of the season, this is a big gamble for Force India which could pay off handsomely. The bargeboards of the VJM10 are pushed towards the outside which may have something to do with the airflow and aerodynamics of the car.

Force India’s Technical Director, Andrew Green has also mentioned that the car is about 95% new. The VJM10 has been under development since May 2016 and things don’t seem to stop right now. The team’s Technical Heads said that the car which will be tested in Barcelona will be very different from the car which will race in Melbourne.

Esteban Ocon And Sergio Perez unveiling the new VJM10

Esteban Ocon, Vijay Mallaya and Sergio Perez with the new VJM10
The VJM10 features a Thumb-Tip Nosecone

The VJM10 will have an extended Shark Fin Engine Cover used in Sportscar Prototypes

I have to admit that I am pretty impressed with Force India’s new machine and will rate the car a 9 out of 10 based on the livery and raw car design. Hopefully, Force India will achieve their goal of persistently challenging the top 3 teams. I wish Force India the best for the forthcoming Formula One Season!

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