The Future Of The US GP And The German GP

Formula One was recently taken over by Liberty Media and ever since that happened, reports suggest that the new owners want more races in the USA. I see this as a very strategic move and since the USA is a large market and the owners can earn loads from here. Also, this would mean increased popularity of Formula One in the States; it will become a giant leap towards the sport’s intentions of having a larger audience.

One of the important parts of hosting a Grand Prix is having a good racetrack and the United States has plenty of them. Formula One could return to Watkins Glen, Long Beach or Indianapolis, move to Road America or Laguna Seca or finally have the New York GP. Any of these options can be clubbed with the race at Austin.

But before that the owners of F1 must try and let F1 return to many different countries such as Sweden, Argentina, India, Netherlands and finally South Africa. Formula One has at least one race in every habitable continent but Africa. I desperately feel that the pinnacle of motorsport must return to Africa. This move has the potential to attract a large number of people to the sport and to take Formula One to greater heights.

Another big problem that I feel should be solved is the German GP. Hockenheim and Nurburgring have a contractual agreement in which they alternatively host the German GP. In 2015, Nurburgring was unable to stage a Grand Prix due to some issues and thus there was no German GP that season.

History is bound to repeat itself as it is confirmed that Nurburgring will not host the race in 2017 and Hockenheim has also rejected the proposal to do so. Germany is a country with lots of motorsport fans and their demands do need to be catered. I am sure that Mercedes will help out in this matter and hopefully we can see a permanent return of the German GP in 2018.

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