What Does New Ownership Mean For Formula One?

Formula One has found new owners in the form of Liberty Media. The American broadcasting giants bought F1 in the past week for a reported sum of 8 Million USD. Bernie Ecclestone is set to be replaced by Chase Carey as the chairman of the Formula One Group. However, the new owners want Bernie and will give him somewhat of a higher post in the company.

Their first race as owners will be this year’s Singapore Grand Prix. Although the ownership of Formula One has changed, no major changes in the design of the cars or the regulations can be made by the owners as the season is already underway. To do so, they will have to wait till the end of this season.

We have no idea about the plans of Chase Carey and co. regarding the sport but we can hope for the introduction of the Halo and changing engines of the cars. The designs confirmed for the cars of 2017 makes them look faster and more wider. ¬†Another idea planned is to bring in the Halo system. The Halo is a device attached to the cockpits of the cars which improves the safety of the driver’s heads. Although it doesn’t look very good, I think that it is a very good thought. Drivers such as Henry Surtees and Justin Wilson died due to damage to the head and the halo prevents such accidents. The Halo makes entering and exiting the car a little complicated. Other plus points include that it doesn’t affect the vision of the driver and the aerodynamics of the car. Here is what it looks like.

The Halo improves head safety
The Halo improves head safety

The V6 Turbo engines were first introduced as replacements for the widely favoured V8 engines for the 2014 season. Formula One was well known for the noises that the engines used to make and ever since the V6 engines have arrived, the cars have become relatively quieter, much to the distress of the fans. You can hear it for yourself in this video.

Image Credits : topgear.com, team-bhp.com

So, what do you think will F1’s new owners do with the sport? Will they ‘Americanise’ it? Let me know below in the comments.

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