Soumil-Arora with Alejandro Agag Formula-E, Hong-Kong 2017

An Electrifying Conversation With Alejandro Agag – The Visionary Founder Of Formula E

Formula E is one of the biggest and most competitive motorsport series in the world.

They have raced in the heart of cities such as Beijing, London, Moscow, Paris, New York, Montreal, Miami, Long Beach, Hong Kong, Marrakesh, Berlin, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Monaco, Putrajaya and Punta Del Este in only their first three seasons! In the near future, they will also be racing in Santiago, Rome, Zurich and Sao Paolo, proving that the world is their playground.

The series has attracted some of the top car manufacturers such as Audi, Renault, Mahindra, DS Automobiles, NIO, Venturi Automobiles and Jaguar but that’s not it. In the next few seasons, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche will also compete as manufacturers in the series, with several others considering to enter the rapidly growing series.

Formula E has raced in some of the biggest cities in the world and has attracted really big car manufacturers

Formula E is very well set up and the level of competition between the teams and drivers is incredibly high; this helps in offering some of the best and most exciting racing in the world. Although at first, people did not accept the idea of Electric Street Racing, Formula E showed them exactly why they were the best series in terms of racing and also that they were playing a major role in protecting the environment.

A really talented group of people have set this brilliant series up from scratch but it was one man who came up with the idea of having electricity-powered beasts race around in the hearts of some of the biggest cities in the world. His name is Alejandro Agag and he is the founder of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

He has been able to create such a global series and make it grow to a completely new level in less than five years years, which is absolutely incredible. Agag’s goal is that in the near future, every car in the world will be electric and through Formula E, he is playing a major role in making that happen. In merely four years, Formula E has accomplished so much and Alejandro has played a leading role in it.

Alejandro Agag founded Formula E and has played a major role in bringing it to where it is today

Along with his team, Alejandro has created a brilliant championship where teams fight to prove that they have the best technology while drivers fight on the track to prove that they are the best in the world with the competition still being really tight. The same principle is followed in Formula One but there is such a vast difference in the cars that the talent of the drivers cannot be judged whereas Formula E is a drivers’ series, a true test of their mettle.

What Mr. Agag and his team have created then, is an absolute masterpiece; the perfect mixture of racing, care for the environment and business and so far, it has been working incredibly well for them.

Mr. Agag’s brainchild, Formula E has grown rapidly over the past four years

When I went to the Hong Kong ePrix in December as a journalist, I was fortunate enough to talk to this inspiring personality for a short while and here is the video of the same.

By talking to him for this short while, I seemed to understand how determined he is towards achieving his goal; he is the perfect example of a ‘man with a plan’ and his team is putting in a lot of effort to execute the plan perfectly. Formula E has had some hiccups in the past few months but there is no denying the fact that it is one of the best, if not the best racing series in the world and Alejandro Agag has been their pillar of strength.

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