Speedway Racing: The Most Underrated Form Of Motor Racing

People often criticize speedway racing and say that the drivers only go round and round in circles. but is that really all that it is about?

The answer is a plain no. There is much more to Speedway Racing than just turning left. Of course, on the outside it may seem a little dull and may not appeal to most people, but if you give it a chance, it will never disappoint. Here are a few reasons why everyone should watch Speedway Racing at least once.

the outright speed of the cars

Speedways are incredibly fast and if you’re in the lookout for speed, you have hit jackpot. During qualifying for the 2017 Indianapolis 500, Scott Dixon averaged 373.6 km/h in one lap. That is jaw dropping speed!

For NASCAR, Joey Logano averaged a highest of 260km/h in the 2013 Daytona 500 driving a Ford Fusion. Speedways can make a stock car go fast too!

huge grid

Speedway Races generally have a much larger grid than other racing series. Each year, 40 cars compete in the NASCAR Cup Series and this leads to lot of action. There is quite a lot of overtaking happening around the field and the chances of crashes are also higher, leading to most races being very entertaining.

more overtaking

My previous point leads me to this point; with a larger grid, the chances for overtaking increase largely and drivers use multiple techniques including drafting to get the best out of their vehicle and pass the car ahead. All of this gets even more interesting on a shorter track with multiple cars trying to cramp into a small space and race each other.

no assists

Speedway cars are very tough to drive as they have absolutely no driver aids. NASCARs are still very old fashioned with large steering wheels and mechanical speedometers. The cars have become much tougher to drive over the years and the sight of seeing a driver losing complete control of a car without making contact with anyone is becoming very usual.

Most Racing Prototypes Have Power Steering And Advanced Electronics But IndyCars have neither of them and the strength required to drive one is immense. Drivers may often be seen wrestling with their cars to keep them under control unlike other prototype racing series.

the fans

NASCAR and IndyCar have huge number of fans and their passion is set on display in every single race. Each race has thousands of fans watching both at the track and on their televisions and their love for the sport is immeasurable.

the Ruthless roar of the machines

The speedway machines are immensely powerful and the sounds that they make are like music to the ears! Add an echo effect of the speedway and you get a sound that you’ll never forget!


ultra close finishes

Speedway Racing is no stranger to close finishes as a large number of races have a really small winning margin. It is not rare to see a photo finish in such races and the race always goes down the wire. In Speedway Racing, it isn’t over until the chequered flag drops!

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