The Beautiful New IndyCar Chassis

A while ago, IndyCar showed off some designs that they would be using for the 2018 season and the motorsport world was impressed. Now, both, the superspeedway and the road course/short oval aerokits have been tested and they look absolutely phenomenal!

The current chassis, the Dallara DW12, was remodeled to give it a retro and simple look to the new generation of Indycars and it has worked out brilliantly! Several changes, including a universal chassis for Honda and Chevrolet, have been made to improve competition in the ultra-competitive Indycar series and also to make the cars safer than before.

Superspeedway configuration

The Superspeedway configuration, which will be used at the Indy 500 looks very aggressive with a wider floor and a lower and flatter rear wing. This is done in an attempt to make chasing easier and to make the car safer by reducing the impact in sideways collisions.



road course Configuration

The road course configuration of the new Indycar chassis was tested last week at the Mid-Ohio Sportscar course and the results look to be positive. The car has got rid of several aero components in order to attain more simplicity. Just like the superspeedway configuration, the car is wider but it looks less aggressive than the current Indycar road course configuration. Nevertheless, the car is very pleasing from an aesthetic point of view!


common changes in both configurations

  • Wider Car
  • No Shark Fin
  • Sophisticated LED Screen
  • Less Aero Components
  • Remodelled Roll Structure
  • Engine Made More Visible From The Back

These cars have the same amount of downforce as their predecessors but with the new design, the airflow will differ and hopefully, this will bring out even closer racing!

What are your views on the new indycar chassis?

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