Kevin Harvick Believes That Dale Jr’s Lack Of Success Has ‘Stunted’ The Growth Of NASCAR

2014 NASCAR sprint cup champion Kevin Harvick, who pilots the #4 Stewart-Haas Ford, has made some rather controversial comments about arguably the most popular driver on the NASCAR grid at present, Dale Jr.

The 2007 Daytona 500 winner said that Dale Jr’s form in the past few years has massively affected the growth of NASCAR as a racing series. Harvick believes that although Jr. has not won many races, he is the most popular driver of the series and that the popularity of the competition can depend largely on his performances.

Harvick (believed to have) said that since the most popular driver didn’t win much, the series wasn’t getting as much attention as it should. Had Dale Jr. achieved more, NASCAR would have been much more famous and bigger. 

I totally agree with the same and I too believe that the icon’s run of form matters. The icon, in this case Dale Jr, is also known by people who are not fans of their sport and if he performs well, he will get greater attention than any other driver who does well and as a result, his attention would eventually turn into attention given to the series.

Who knows how popular NASCAR would have been if Dale Jr. was more triumphant?

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