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And Shes Gone….

The other day, I was just wondering about what song will suit countries around the world and I came up with quite reasonable conclusions. The song ‘Ham Honge Kaamyab’ or ‘We Will Be Successful’ perfectly suits India because of our ‘It’s Okay’ attitude. It sounds like we will be successful. Soon. Not now. Soon. For the US, it is ‘War? What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing.’ Boom. There goes another air strike.

Ever wondered what song suits UAE? ‘Anything you can do, I can do better!’ Exactly. Well, the purpose of Dubai was to prove anything that the west can do, the east can do better. What does UAE not have? It has tall skyscrapers, brilliant malls, lots to do, ample to shop, good roads, the sea, amazing hotels, the best cars that you can ever find in a Police Force (Their Nissan Patrol is faster than a Porsche 918 in a drag race!) and now the Devel 16. As you know, the Sheikhs in UAE want to make their country the absolute best and they aren’t sparing anything, especially cars. Well luckily, the Sheikhs have blessed us with one hell of a concept which is soon to be a reality.

To be the absolute best, you need to push the boundaries and the Devel 16 will do absolutely that, with the car having a V16 engine with 4 turbos! And have you wondered how much power that engine will produce. 5000bhp. No, I haven’t added an extra zero. Yes, you read it right. 5000bhp. And a car with 5000bhp would definitely be the fastest road car in the world. Right? Right.

The car will reportedly have a top speed of 560 km/h which is way way faster than the current fastest car in the world, the Hennessey Venom GT. 

The Devel Sixteen Will Also Take A Stunning 1.8 seconds to go from 0-60mph.

The challenge for the engineers is : “Will they be able to push all limits and achieve this glorious feat?”

Buggati took years and years to cramp 1200bhp in the Veryon and it’s 8.0l- W16 engine and that also hit them hard financially, with each car being sold at a heavy loss. But on the other hand, this version of the Devel 16 will be a prototype and the roadster will have a V8 which will produce over 1000bhp. Yes, I agree by hearing this a little of the fun of the car fades away because a lot of cars have started to achieve 1000bhp and with the engineers spending almost a decade researching and to be special, it should work and should be capable to achieve it’s goals apart from anything else. Mind you, I am in absolute awe of this car, so much that I am still writing about it 4 years after it was revealed and if it works, it’ll be like one of the best cars on the face of the earth.


I would like to compare this beast to Robin Hood, stealing ideas from your dreams and giving them to the real world. But, if you want to drive your dreams, it will cost you a reported 1 Million Dollars. Staggering.


And the interior is rad. Unlike the Venom GT. God, you’re choosy if you ask for anything more.

But I have one question. “Bhai, average kitna deti hai?”

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