Why India Is Just Not A Car Guy’s Country

India is the land of Gods, beauty, development and bad roads. Okay, I understand that the current government is working hard to improve the roads but the ones untouched are very very bumpy. This has created a major issue with cars built specifically for India. Guess what? The ground clearance of course!

When an Indian wants to see a good looking car, he just opens Google because you just don’t find attractive cars roaming around on Indian roads. Never. And if we ever do see a striking car, take the Bentley Continental for example, we hype it up so much because naturally the only cars that we see regularly are some overly face-lifted cars with a huge ride height. Whenever I take a walk around my society or travel on the road for that matter, all the cars around look incredibly beefy and bulky with bodies that seem to be made to match the weight of an elephant. The cars are not streamline at all and look like a goddamn bar of bathing soap! Oops, the i10 slipped out of my hand. My bad, it was just a bar of soap!

Then, there is this random love and affection for SUVs  that has suddenly started to spring out in India with 35% of all cars purchased here last year being SUVs. Yes, I made that fact up but people really have started to purchase loads of them. Personally, I hate SUVs. I feel like the only people buying them are 40 year-old’s with loads of white hair on their chest having a big potbelly and no sense about cars. Yes, I just said that. My dad has driven quite some SUVs and he believes that all of them give practically the same driving experience and that hardly anything is different. I don’t know much about the driving experience because of course I’m not old enough but if that claim is made for a passenger, I can easily say that it’s true. They are just the same. I don’t know why but whenever I get into an SUV, I start to feel nauseous because I feel that I’m getting into a big chunk of Soya Bean. I’m pretty creative that way.

In India, because it is one of the largest car markets in the world, the 3 top German companies, Audi, Mercedes and BMW largely raise the price of their simple saloons because why not? We here consider simple German saloon cars to be grand but the fact is that they’re not. They’re general utility vehicles in Europe but considering the great popularity that they have here, the Germans used it to their advantage and are selling their basic cars for a huge sum of money. Now, that’s business!

Here, we don’t even have good hatchbacks! Okay, a hatchback is a thing with is supposed to be good everywhere around the world but that’s not the case here! We have loads of dull Marutis, boring Tatas and oh, we also have a VW Polo which rides so high from the ground that it can be compared to a bench! Yes, a bench. We don’t even have a Ford Focus or a VW Golf or a Citroen DS3. That’s sad.

Lastly, I return to the looks of the cars. Even the coupes look massive and it feels like when they came to India from Europe, they had loads and loads of Butter Chicken and then weren’t driven enough to loose weight. Ugly. What ticks me off is that we hardly have any performance cars or for that matter cars that look good because we consider a 5th Generation Honda City a good looking car. What ticks me off is that Alfa Romeos and TVRs aren’t found here.

And that’s all that I’m fed up of. Apart from the fact that Jeep have just arrived in India. Did I just say that I’m fond of SUVs?

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